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Delivering Housing in Housing First

Unit 4 explores the different ways in which housing can be provided in Housing First services in Europe.


First of all, have a look at the questions we will try to answer in this unit:


Key Questions

What are the main elements of the right to adequate housing?
What are the different types of housing in Housing First services in Europe?
How is 'housing management' carried out in Housing First Services?
What are the challenges Housing First faces in relation to the provision of housing?



Take some time to read Chapter 4 of the Housing First Guide Europe.



Watch the following videos showing how housing is provided in a number of different contexts:


Answer the quiz below to test your understanding of the contents of the Unit. The test will be marked automatically and the correct answers will be emailed to you. Note that there can be more than one correct answer.

Housing First emphasizes the right that homeless people have to housing. Select the elements of the right to adequate housing according to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights:

Location is important in Housing First. Homes should be located in an adequate neighbourhood. Select the factors that explain the importance of location:
A Housing First programme should offer housing that can be clearly recognised as a home. Which of these situations are not Housing First?
Housing First users should expect to have some choice with respect to their housing. Select the correct answers:
When using housing in the private rented sector, there are certain challenges to overcome. Which are the challenges?
There are various ways in which Housing First can employ the social rented sector as a source of homes. Select the most relevant challenges in relation to this:

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Additional articles and resources for this unit can be found in the Other Resources Section.