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What is Housing First?

In this unit, you will be introduced to the Housing First approach, its origins and its evolution in Europe. You will also learn about the evidence to show that Housing First works.


First of all, have a look at the questions we will try to answer in this unit:


Key Questions

What and for whom is Housing First?
Where does Housing First come from and how is it evolving in Europe?
What is the evidence to show that Housing First works?



Take some time to read Chapter 1 of the Housing First Guide Europe.



Have a look at this introductory video on Housing First: the concept, the origins, the main evidence that it works:


Answer the quiz below to test your understanding of the contents of the Unit. The test will be marked automatically and the correct answers will be emailed to you. Note that there can be more than one correct answer.

Select the statement(s) that best describe the Housing First Approach:
What do you know about the history of Housing First? Select the correct statements:
Test your knowledge of Housing First services in Europe. Select the correct answer(s):
Evidence shows that having a ‘home’ may not guarantee recovery, but does nonetheless provide a stable platform for re-creating a less stigmatized and a ‘normalized’ life. Find the correct statements:

Be sure to click ‘Submit Quiz’ to see your results!



Additional articles and resources for this unit can be found in the Other Resources Section.