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Housing First and Wider Strategy

Unit 6 looks at the roles of Housing First in wider strategies, including how Housing First can work alongside other homeless services.


First of all, have a look at the questions we will try to answer in this unit:


Key Questions

Why is Housing First strategically important?
What is the role of Housing First within an integrated homelessness strategy?



Take some time to read Chapter 6 of the Housing First Guide Europe:



Watch the following videos about the strategic role of Housing First and the potential for scaling-up Housing First in Europe:


Answer the quiz below to test your understanding of the contents of the Unit. The test will be marked automatically and the correct answers will be emailed to you. Note that there can be more than one correct answer.

Housing First cannot solve homelessness alone but should be part of an integrated homelessness strategy. Select the sentences that explain why this is the case:
Choose the sentences that refer to housing-led policies, as you have learned in this Unit:
What are some of the strategic-level implications of the use of Housing First services?
There is scope to expand the ways in which Housing First is used. Review the most recent debates about future uses of Housing First and select the answers that describe them:

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Additional articles and resources for this unit can be found in the Other Resources Section.