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28 Apr

An Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe 2015

Fondation Abbé Pierre/ FEANTSA (2015) An Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe: 2015

The aim of this index is to demonstrate housing and housing exclusion issues are being addressed today in Member States using the statistics available at European level. The following issues will be addressed:

.- those linked to housing costs (their proportion in the household budget, the difficulties that arise when costs become excessive etc.),

.- the housing situation of poor households as a function of their tenure status,

.- the living conditions in housing (overcrowding, lack of comfort, energy poverty, damp, etc.),

.- situations linked to geographical location of the housing and the mobility of households,

. social factors exacerbating housing difficulties (gender, age, composition of the family).




An Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe. EN










Regard sur le Mal-Logement en Europe. FR